Why Improving Culture is Key to The Success of Your Company
Published by: Dr. Jeff Dorman

Why Improving Culture is Key to The Success of Your Company | Breakthrough Consulting ServicesCompany culture is one of the essential components of any organization. Many in leadership understand this to be the case, but few foster improvements in their company’s culture. At Breakthrough CTC, we want to help you experience the full benefits of improving your company’s culture.

Employees Care Deeply About Company Culture

Company culture isn’t created by a cool office layout or great snacks in the break room. Culture comes down to various intangibles such as attitudes, unwritten rules, and how people view and treat one another.

Creating and fostering a positive culture can be challenging, but studies show that it is critical and almost a requirement with today’s highly competitive labor force. Below are just a few surprising statistics related to company culture:

  • 47% of job seekers note company culture as the primary reason they’re looking for work.
  • 71% of US workers ok with taking a pay cut to land their dream job.
  • 15% of job candidates turned down a role simply due to an unwelcoming company culture.
  • Employees who are not happy with their managers are four times more likely to look for other jobs than their peers.
  • 61% of employees value trust in their senior leadership as a key driver of their job satisfaction.

How to Focus on Improving Culture At Your Organization

Below are a few tips to help improve the culture of your organization:

  • Focus on transparency – Trust is paramount when it comes to company culture. It’s imperative to build trust among your employees, and trust starts with transparency. Do your best to keep all employees informed of key business decisions. This communication can happen in a variety of ways. Still, it’s important to ensure your employees feel as if upper management is looking out for their best interests at all times.
  • Outline your core values – A strong company culture begins with a concrete set of defined values used to guide decisions. These values need to encompass more than just productivity decisions. Company values need to set standards the positive ways people will treat each other. In addition, values define how to calibrate support and challenge to foster the growth and development of employees.
  • Give employees flexibility – Today’s employee values flexibility often more than compensation. Employees are looking for flexible schedules, remote work options, and liberal vacation policies, especially during the COVID epidemic.

Interested in Improving Your Organization’s Culture?

If you’re interested in learning more about consulting services focused on improving your company culture, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jeff Dorman at Breakthrough CTC. Jeff will be happy to sit down with you to lay out a plan to boost your company’s culture and create a more welcoming work environment for all your employees. Give Jeff a call today at (651) 324-8592, or you’re more than welcome to book a complimentary consultation online.