Why Employee Engagement is Key to Your Company’s Success
Published by: Dr. Jeff Dorman

Employee Engagement is Key to Your Company’s SuccessAccording to recent polls, employees don’t want to return to the way things were pre-COVID. Working remotely and adjusting their work-life balance has significantly benefited today’s workforce. Where executives and companies have handled the pandemic changes well, employees may feel more engaged today than they were previously.

What We Can Learn from How We Handled the Pandemic

There are numerous lessons executives can glean from the pandemic, many of which should be lessons that we carry forward once we’re past these challenging times.

  • Communication is Key – Where executives increased communication in response to employees working from home, understanding and relationships improved. Most employees welcomed this boost in communication and hope it signals that they will continue to be informed about key issues within an organization.
  • Employees Value Feedback – Managers often assume that employees know they are valued, but this is not the case. It’s essential to provide constructive feedback regularly — both support and challenge. Feedback keeps personnel informed as to how they’re doing and what areas may need improvement.
  • Work-life Balance is Vital – Work-life balance has been a virtual necessity during the pandemic, with individuals juggling work, home, teaching their children, and so much more. Companies will thrive that continue to understand that while work is a key part of someone’s identity, it is only a portion of the stress that we all carry daily.
  • It’s Not All About the Money – Studies show that today’s employees aren’t as wowed by a fat salary as they have been in the past. Many employees would rather have other intangible benefits like a remote work environment, liberal vacation policies, and other perks instead of a salary boost. Keep these incentives in mind when you’re learning what it takes to keep valuable employees engaged at your company.

Engaged Employees Lead to Increased Profits

Employees who are engaged contribute to increased company success. Engaged employees are more apt to speak highly of your company, improving relationships with clients and vendors. To learn more about how you can boost employee engagement, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jeff of Breakthrough CTC today. You can reach Jeff by phone at (651) 324-8592 or use our online scheduling to set up a time to speak.