What Are The Key Benefits of Coaching?
Published by: Dr. Jeff Dorman

What Are The Key Benefits of Coaching? | Breakthrough Coaching ServicesRunning a business or leading a team of individuals can be highly challenging. Business leaders who are looking to be effective leaders can benefit significantly from business coaching. Jeff Dorman of Breakthrough CTC provides many important benefits of coaching when working with his clients.

5 Key Benefits of Business Coaching

Below are just a few benefits to expect when working with an experienced business coach like Jeff Dorman of Breakthrough CTC.

  1. Prepare for Change – Managers, by definition, keep things running smoothly, which usually means keeping things the same. But leaders see what needs to change, articulate a vision, and inspire people to rise to new heights.
    What change do you need?  Personal transformation in your thinking, attitudes, habits, or skills?  Change that will empower your team to greater productivity?  A culture shift in the organization that will remove saboteurs and unleash potential? These things don’t happen on their own; the outside support and challenge of a coach are extremely valuable.
  1. Advance Your Career – Increasing your positive impact and influence is the key to moving upward. A coach can help you identify the qualities that will make you genuinely indispensable in your role and prepare you for significant advancement.
  1. Create a Plan – Goals without a strategic plan are simply vapors in the wind. Planning is essential in all aspects of the workplace. If you’re looking for improvement, you need a concrete plan with objectives to track regularly. Tracking will allow you to assess and adjust as needed. A clear strategic plan gives focus, direction, and motivation to accomplish the objectives.
  1. Focus on Personal Wellbeing – Humans are not simply production machines. We all need and deserve a healthy work/life balance, meaningful relationships, and some self-care. Individuals who are healthy and balanced have more energy, greater focus, and higher productivity. Work with a business coach who supports your corporate productivity as well as your personal health and wellness.
  1. Become the Leader You’re Destined to Be – Becoming an effective leader involves breaking through any limiting beliefs that would keep you from reaching your full potential. Jeff offers GiANT tools, Positive Intelligence principles, and his vast experience to empower you to reach your full potential.

Interested in Learning More About Hiring a Business Coach?

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