What Makes An Effective Leader?
Published by: Dr. Jeff Dorman

Traits of a Strong Leader | Breakthrough Leadership Training ServicesLeadership can be highly challenging for many types of people. While some people are natural leaders, others have to work hard to properly delegate and create a working environment where employees are excited to come to work. This balance between productivity and promoting a positive company culture can be tough to master. Thankfully Jeff Dorman of Breakthrough CTC offers several services that will raise leadership skills in any organization, big or small.

4 Key Attributes of a Strong Leader

Below are just a few character traits that are vital for any individual looking to become a strong leader within their organization:

  1. Integrity – Integrity is one of the cornerstones of any company. Top-level executives are typically responsible for the entire company’s direction, which is why integrity is crucial. But integrity needs to be instilled in all employees regardless of their position. A leader who doesn’t embody integrity will typically not last long within any organization.
  2. Empathy – Every effective leader can empathize with their colleagues. You need to understand where your employees are coming from when they bring up concerns to you. You need to be a good listener and be willing to change your position on specific ideas if they’re in the best interest of the overall company.
  3. Ability to Delegate – Delegation is critical for any leader looking to grow. It’s essential to understand which functions to delegate to others and which tasks you should perform yourself. Delegating can be a tricky balancing act, but if done correctly, it can pay big dividends for you as a leader, as well as for the entire company.
  4. Respect – It’s paramount that leaders respect every individual within an organization, regardless of their job title. Having respect for your employees will often result in greater productivity because they will likely return the favor and respect you as well.

Interested in Learning How to Be a More Effective Leader?

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