Should I Hire An Executive Coach?
Published by: Dr. Jeff Dorman

Breakthrough Coaching ServicesAre you struggling to reach your full potential as a leader? If so, hiring an executive coach can be a great way to jumpstart your path to success. Whether you’re looking to grow your business or achieve job advancement within a company, Jeff Dorman with Breakthrough would be happy to sit down with you to help chart out a plan to take your leadership skills to the next level.

3 Reasons You Need an Executive Coach

  1. Accountability – An executive coach can help you to lay out a plan to improve your leadership skills. You may be able to come up with this some version of this plan on your own, but will you follow through with what it takes to actually reach your goals? If the answer is no then an executive coach can help you to reach those goals by providing much needed accountability.
  2. Experience – A reputable executive coach like Jeff Dorman has decades of leadership experience to put to work for you. Combine this with Jeff’s partnership with GiANT and you instantly have access to world class resources that are used by some of the largest companies on the planet.
  3. Data – Goals are useless if they’re not being tracked. An executive coach can help you to identify the data you need to track in your business so that you’ll be able to make the decisions necessary to fuel your growth. These decisions often are impossible to make unless you have the relevant data to back them up. Stop leading blindly and start investing in improving your leadership skills and in turn improving the profitability of your company.

Schedule a Free Consultation

If you’re intrigued about the possibility of working with an executive coach, now may be the time to schedule a free consultation. Feel free to reach out to Jeff today at (651) 324-8592 to schedule, or visit our Executive Coaching page for more information. You may want to take the free GiANT 5 Voices Assessment or PQ Saboteur Assessment. There is no obligation and this exercise will allow you to truly unearth your potential as a leader within your company and your life. Make today the day that you decide to start putting in the work to level up your leadership skills.


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