Breakthrough: Unlock Your Potential by Dr. Jeffrey S. Dorman

Unlock your potential with Breakthrough, a devotional companion to GiANT’s online personal development and leadership training system, Invincible.

Breakthrough provides more than 100 Scripture-based devotionals accompanied by prayers and questions for personal reflection or group discussion. Breakthrough will accelerate transformation for you, your team, or your organization as you journey through the 50-session Invincible system. Clients in over 142 countries currently use GiANT’s data-driven people development tools to increase performance.

Check out Invincible by creating your free account at https://GiANT.TV/success.

Breakthrough Devotional will inspire you to:

  • Foster Christ-honoring relationships at work, at home, and in the community
  • Leverage the energy of practical leadership principles and tools
  • Utilize the Invincible operating system to build dynamic teams

Using Breakthrough’s devotionals with Invincible connected my faith and work, grew my leadership skills, and enhanced my team’s interactions. These tools improved communication and team unity leading to an incredible increase in productivity. Christians in business, education, church, or non-profits would serve God and their organizations well by using Breakthrough with Invincible.

– Bob Willbanks, President, Ambassadors for Business

What is a breakthrough? A sudden important discovery or development that dramatically improves life.

Some people wait a decade for their breakthrough. Others wait a lifetime. You don’t have to wait. Now is the time to create your breakthrough!

Front Cover of Breakthrough: Unlock Your Potential by Dr. Jeffrey S. Dorman


“Using Breakthrough Devotionals with the Invincible training was what I looked forward to every week. The devotionals are something I will continue to reflect on in years to come and walk through personally and with my family and close friends. Thank you, Jeff, for rooting us in the Gospel and pointing us to Jesus’s leadership first and ultimately.”
— Austin Cantwell, Focus Search Partners, A Vaco Company
“This is a great book full of positive advice and empowering action items for people to be better leaders through Christ. Your application of Scripture to the work environment and beyond is sure to inspire people to live more fulfilling lives. Well done!”
— JVB, Professional Book Editor