Mastermind Group

There are many situations across the USA where a national association or movement is made up of a federation of independent local organizations. That movement will be strengthened if representatives of various parts regularly connect in a Mastermind Group. At Breakthrough, we facilitate the mastermind groups because we’ve seen how they can pay significant dividends for the participants and our world.

Mastermind Group Meetings

What Is a Mastermind Group?

Mastermind groups offer a unique blend of brainstorming, accountability, and peer support in a group setting. The goal of any mastermind group is to help lift each member to find greater success.

Mastermind group members often come from different backgrounds, situations, or locations. Partnering with such individuals presents an array of distinctive perspectives and skillsets from which to draw ideas. The dialogue can expose the dangers of tunnel vision and open people to consider utilizing the best practices that have proved effective in other settings.

Mastermind groups also help to hold members accountable when it comes to their goals. By setting goals in the presence of others, you’re more likely to follow through on the hard work required to reach or even surpass them. Knowing that you’ll have to answer to your mastermind members if you don’t accomplish them can often be enough motivation for you to put in the required effort to reach your goals.

Benefits of a Mastermind Facilitator

A mastermind facilitator from Breakthrough helps the group run effectively and includes the benefits of principles and resources from GiANT and Positive Intelligence.

  • GiANT offers over 60 practical visual tools and hundreds of videos covering a multitude of topics
  • The principles embodied by Positive Intelligence motivate people to overcome the barriers of “natural” human negativity and release energy, insights, wisdom, happiness, and productivity.

Mastermind Groups Provide Support

Mastermind groups are geared towards like-minded peers meeting together to build relationships while also tackling common problems. Too often, leaders become lonely because they have trouble finding others who can relate to their challenges. Mastermind groups provide the level of support needed to help business leaders improve their personal lives and take their organizations to the next level.

Ready to Join a Mastermind Group?

If your organization of movement could benefit from a Mastermind Group, the Breakthrough team would be happy to help. Let’s dialogue about your situation, needs, goals, and what might serve you well.