How to Reduce Burnout in the Workplace
Published by: Dr. Jeff Dorman

How to Reduce Burnout in the Workplace | Effective Executive Coaching ServicesBurnout is a significant concern for all companies around the country. A Deloitte survey of more than 1000 participants found that 77% said they’d experienced burnout at some point in their careers. How substantial is the impact if three-quarters of your employees have already, are now, or will experience burnout in their careers?

How a Company Can Reduce Burnout in the Workplace

Below are just a few ways companies can address burnout within their ranks:

  • Set Realistic Goals – Balance is essential when it comes to setting goals. It’s important to set goals that give your employees room to grow, but don’t set unattainable goals. Striving for the impossible leads to burnout because employees will start to feel that no matter how hard they try, they’ll never be able to reach these unrealistic goals.
  • Communication is Important – If you’re a manager, you must listen to every employee that reports to you. Open communication will allow your employees to feel heard and invites employees to bring issues to you before you otherwise would have known about them. This increased knowledge of your workforce can help you preemptively spot issues like coming burnout instead of waiting until it’s too late.
  • Encourage Work-Life Balance – With more employees working remotely than ever before, it’s imperative that companies adopt helpful policies regarding work-life balance. You want your employees to be engaged and satisfied in their work roles, and balancing work with life is the first step towards making this happen. Many companies discourage employees from working after hours and encourage them to enjoy their time off.
  • Celebrate Employees – Affirmation is vital in any healthy relationship, including those at work. Celebrate your employees with perks like team lunches, unexpected time off, company retreats, or whatever will help prevent burnout in your unique situation. It’s valuable to ensure your employees always feel appreciated. Without affirmation, people quickly develop a negative attitude – another factor that leads to burnout.

Reach out to Jeff at Breakthrough CTC for Other Strategies on Preventing Burnout

We’ve featured just a few of the many ways you can help to reduce burnout in the workplace. Reach out to Jeff at Breakthrough CTC to ensure you’re doing all you can to foster open lines of communication among your staff, leading to reduced incidents of burnout and improved work-life balance for you and your team. Give Jeff a call today at (651) 324-8592 or use his online calendar to book a complimentary consultation to discuss your business needs.


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