Group Coaching

Growth in a company isn’t just about advancing the individual, but rather helping everyone within an organization become more effective at their various roles. Group coaching helps to take some of the initiatives that we use with our executive coaching clients, and use them in a group setting.

Group Business Coaching Services

Why Invest in Group Coaching?

If you think of a group as an organism, you likely understand that the overall health of the organism is dependent on the efforts and buy in from the whole group. If one part of the organism is struggling, the other parts are in turn impacted as well. Group coaching helps a group of individuals to implement key initiatives as a whole so that success can be seen by everyone.

Benefits of Group Coaching

There are countless benefits to investing in group coaching, a few of which include:

  • Community Building – When you participate in group coaching, you’re with other people struggling with the same issues impacting you. Working through these challenging issues together creates strong bonds which can live on for years or even decades.
  • Accountability – One of the most valuable aspects of any coaching relationship is accountability. Couple that with a group of your peers, and you can quickly see how group accountability creates an effective catalyst for improvement. Having peers standing alongside you when you falter can help you to finally reach the kind of goals that you’ve always set in the past but never accomplished.
  • Improved Cost Structure – Because group coaching involves multiple people participating in the same session, it is more cost-effective than individual business coaching. This allows more companies to take advantage of coaching services.
  • Shared Goals – In families, we all want everyone to succeed in various aspects of their life. The same can be said for group coaching clients. The entire group gets to know each other and builds strong bonds which function almost like a family unit. Because of this, each member has a vested interest in their success and the success of other group members.

Invest in Your BREAKTHROUGH With Group Coaching Services

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits and flexibility of group coaching, reach out to Jeff Dorman of Breakthrough today. He would be happy to offer a free coaching session to help you better understand the value that can be gained from group coaching. Contact Jeff today to get the process started towards making that breakthrough that could transform your life and your career!