Executive Coaching

Highly successful people understand that investing in themselves offers a way to unlock their full potential and achieve the significance and success they desire. If you want to be a leader worth following instead of just being the boss, executive coaching with Jeff Dorman of Breakthrough could be the key to finally taking you to the next level.

Executive Coaching Services

How Do You Define Success?

Success looks entirely different for each individual. This is why Jeff works with each person he’s coaching to develop a roadmap of what success really is for each client. Maybe you’re looking to move into upper management, or perhaps you’re looking for techniques that allow you to be highly productive at work and still have the time and energy to enjoy meaningful relationships when you’re out of the office. Whatever your ideal definition of success is, Jeff and the Breakthrough team will help you get there.

Why Hire an Executive Coach?

  • Accountability – An executive coach will calibrate the support and challenge you need to reach your goals. A coach will ask the right questions that help you stay on track as you advance.
  • Resources – You will use some of the latest methodologies and technology to reach your ultimate level of accomplishment.
  • Experience – Jeff has worked with people at various levels of their careers. He brings this experience to every client interaction, which can help you shortcut your path to achievement.
  • Sounding Board – Being an executive in today’s fast paced technologically driven world is tough. There are times you need the prospective of a trusted advisor who is outside your company. An executive coach can help you build mental fitness and fulfill your responsibilities to the best of your ability.

Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life!

Much of the success of an executive is wrapped up in their ability to mentally respond to challenges and make essential business decisions. Too often bombarded and overwhelmed executives plunge into a negative mindset which is toxic in the workplace. At Breakthrough we work with our clients to perform the necessary mental gymnastics to completely change their outlook, which often leads to transformative success. These mental exercises and methodologies are key to improving your overall outlook inside your company, and in other parts of your life.

Reach Out to Breakthrough Today to Schedule a Free Coaching Session

Jeff Dorman of Breakthrough offers a complimentary no obligation coaching session for those interested in learning how coaching can empower your life and leadership. Take advantage of an hour with Jeff and determine if working together makes sense.