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Published by: Dr. Jeff Dorman

Effective Executive Coaching Services | Breakthrough CTCExecutives this day in age have more pressure on them to succeed and prosper than ever before. Whether you are trying to adjust to the post-Covid work environment or feel like you’ve lost the work/life balance you used to enjoy, our dedicated team at Breakthrough is here to help. We offer effective executive coaching to help you re-invest in yourself.

Unlock Your Full Potential

Many individuals in an executive role struggle with confidence – it’s commonly called the imposter syndrome.  Top execs may feel that if people really knew me, they would not believe I should be in this position (or making this much money). And many who have climbed to the top rungs of the success ladder still feel like they lack the knowledge, communication skills, or experience to succeed in their executive role. At Breakthrough, we would love to partner with you and help you unlock your full potential. There is more to being an executive than filling a position near the top. Committing to executive coaching with Jeff Dorman is a decision you’ll thank yourself for making in years to come.

How Executive Coaching Creates Success

In addition to unlocking your full potential, Jeff is here to help you create a roadmap to success. Every executive is different, so the same coaching will not work. As your executive coach, Jeff will spend the time necessary to understand your strengths and weaknesses. From there, you’ll be able to grow as an executive. Some of the ways that Jeff can help you as an executive include the following:

  • Self-Awareness – Every human being has blind spots – things about us that others can see, but we don’t acknowledge. Leading yourself well precedes leading others effectively, and self-awareness precedes leading yourself. Self-awareness is where growth starts.
  • Motivation – Sometimes, you need someone to hold you accountable as an executive. Jeff will provide support and challenge every step of the way to ensure that you remain motivated as you continue to grow.
  • Executive Resources – This partnership will grant you access to the latest tools, techniques, technologies, and tips to help you succeed as an executive.
  • Valuable Experience – Over the years, Jeff has worked with many individuals at the executive level. Through this experience, Jeff has taken what has worked and incorporated it into his executive coaching services. You deserve the best resources available.
  • Listening Ear – Looking for a non-biased ear outside of the organization that will allow you to share your frustrations and ideas at any time? Your executive coach can be the sounding board that you’ve been missing.

If you are an executive and are ready to take the next step in your career, Breakthrough’s executive coaching services are here to help. We’ll help you manage the pressure of being an executive, maintaining a proper work/life balance, and thriving in your leadership role. To schedule a complimentary consultation, give Jeff a call today at (651) 324-8592 or book a time that is convenient for you on Jeff’s calendar.


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