At Breakthrough, we offer a proven system to boost the productivity of even the most high-performing teams. By working with a senior consultant like Jeff you’ll be able to implement our proprietary system to create more effective leaders, boost performance among your team and create a positive culture that will make your company enviable throughout your industry.

Consulting Services

Successful Organizations Start with a Healthy Culture

One of the keys to fostering high-performing teams is ensuring that your culture creates an environment where others want to work. This is determined by whether the unwritten ground rules of how things operate on a day-to-day basis align with the values you’ve laid out. Every individual and every organization has blind spots that hinder their health, growth, or productivity. Perhaps it’s time to seek a new perspective or take a deeper look at what is happening in your organizational culture.

Key attributes that boost the culture within your organization:

  • Promote work life balance
  • Lead by example without micromanaging
  • Establish clear lines of communication across your company
  • Leverage agile methodologies to boost productivity and transparency
  • Utilize the latest technology to lead in such a way that can keep your team connected regardless of their physical location.

Tracking Key Metrics is Important to Business Success

If you and your teams aren’t tracking key metrics in your business, how can you expect to improve? What’s not tracked is lost, which is why so many businesses aren’t able to gauge how they’re doing at any given time. By working with Jeff, who is certified with GiANT Worldwide you’ll instantly gain access to the INVINCIBLE system which is completely focused on a data-driven approach to boosting your team’s performance. The INVINCIBLE system we use will help you to build trust with your team, track areas that need to be improved and ensure you’re executing at the highest level.

Work with Breakthrough to Expand the Leadership Potential of Your Team

Effective leaders are invaluable in an organization of any size. Too often, talented employees are promoted without the proper training to become successful leaders. Jeff and the Breakthrough team will make it our mission to train your top performers into exceptional leaders.

Find out how the GiANT’s Invincible Operating System can boost leadership skills at all levels and move you toward the success you desire.