About Dr. Jeff DormanDr. Jeffrey S. Dorman

Coach, trainer, consultant

Dr. Jeff Dorman draws his effectiveness from current research, innovative systems, and three decades of experience.  Each of his past and current roles reveal an aspect of his expertise.

  • Teacher – imparts new understandings and builds new skills
  • Pastor – inspires to be your very best and to draw strength from beyond yourself
  • Mediator – learn to collaborate and look for the Win/Win
  • Coach – provides support & challenge that fosters personal development
  • Leadership Trainer – creating influence as you become a leader worth following
  • Consultant – a culture of authentic success promotes BOTH healthy people and remarkable productivity

Transformation and growth

Jeff invested a decade studying the life-transforming power accessible when four elements converge:

  • self-awareness
  • supportive relationships
  • dynamic faith and
  • healthy systems

He earned his doctorate at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena CA.

Jeff is known for:

  • Demonstrating care for clients and their well being
  • Commitment to fight for the highest possible good in the lives of others
  • Empowering people toward the significance and success they desire
  • Raising the effectiveness and productivity of individuals, teams, and organizations
  • A sense of humor and the ability to make growth fun, fascinating, and energizing.

“The success of our clients rises out of the combination of our personal commitment to you along with providing excellent resources delivered by exceptional technology.”


“Jeff Dorman helped me immensely during a time when I needed to grow as a leader. The word I most associate with Jeff is “Empowering.” Whether it was inspiring our cohort with timely words of encouragement or unpacking the life-changing GiANT INVINCIBLE videos, working with him was one of the best coaching experiences I’ve ever had.”
— Micah Engel, Northwestern Mutual
“As a leader, I’m glad I worked with Jeff. He helped me understand that everyone’s voices/talents are valuable and create a well-rounded team if used and tapped properly. The GiANT INVINCIBLE training taught me that if I can understand others on my team and their natural tendencies — how I perceive and respond would lead to greater synergy and growth for our team/organization.”
— Austin Cantwell, Focus Search Partners, A Vaco Company