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Why Breakthrough?

Breakthrough: a sudden and important discovery or development that dramatically improves life.

A breakthrough is not a transfer of information, it creates transformation.

What would benefit you the most? Personal development? Improving team performance? Greater organizational health, productivity, and prosperity?

Whether through 1-to-1 coaching, team training, or organizational consulting, we empower breakthroughs.

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Some people wait a decade for their breakthrough. Some people wait a lifetime. But you aren’t going to wait. This is your year. Now is your time. Your breakthrough is waiting for you. Take it!

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Are you a business leader who has hit a wall when it comes to advancing in your career? Is your team not producing the kind of results needed to move the needle in your company? If so, you likely are looking for help to unlock the full potential of yourself and your team. You’re looking for a Breakthrough; our team can help.

Breakthrough is a coaching, training, and consulting company that works with clients across North America who are looking to significantly boost productivity.

Most individuals & teams operate at a fraction of their full potential

What if your team could become much more productive and in turn much more profitable? This efficiency could allow your business to scale dramatically, which means greater financial rewards all around.

The challenge is finding the breakthrough that unlocks the transformation that can drastically improve the trajectory of your career, your team, and your company.

All of the methods we use are supported by data and ensure everyone in your organization has a clear direction and pathway for unlocking their full potential.

Breakthrough uses only proven methodologies backed by years of research

Jeff Dorman is certified with GiANT Worldwide, giving him access to the same tools, training, and technology used by trusted brands such as Delta Airlines, Chick-Fil-A, The US Air Force, and many other multinational corporations. These large companies have determined that GiANT’s methodology can elevate performance across entire teams while creating compassionate leaders that foster a healthier company culture.

Jeff Dorman also utilizes Positive Intelligence resources that help his clients develop the mental fitness needed to conquer their saboteurs and generate a more positive outlook in their work. These exercises and methodologies can help you and your team boost sales, improve performance, increase creativity and lead to a happier workplace and an improved culture.

Ready to work with Jeff today?

Whether you’re interested in coaching, training, or consulting – Jeff Dorman of Breakthrough would be happy to offer a free consultation to understand your needs. Each engagement with Jeff is completely customized to your unique situation. Reach out today to start the path toward a breakthrough that will help you boost your productivity and that of your team while increasing engagement within the workplace. Don’t let another day slip by without putting in the work to unlock your team’s true potential.

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